Military Ranks Of The Ancient Egyptian Army

The King was in ancient Egypt was a "Supreme Commander of the army." He was in the military organization in ancient Egypt, is responsible for the recruitment of military contingents, supplies, and its survival, but also training. And has been churning out some comands this to "officer".



King Rameses ascends the wheel war and stalks enemies of the Hittites.

The Temple of Karnak. Luxor

Or "Commander Armys of the King." and those with the rank of "Lieutenant"Withe the command mission  military areas. Some military commissioners or قیاده function الفیالق stationed in foreign countries. for mercenary soldiers such as "almgay",Commander was the same nationality leaders, so-called Princes of almgay, and perhaps may be their Commander of النوبیین also, called.


A piece of limestone depict King Ramses II and discipline and suppression of three prisoners

Brought traditional enemies of Egypt Of Nubians and Libyans and Syrian. Mitt hostage Museum

But the high military positions awalrtb granted The Egyptions ,The Egyptions  usually "promiser clerks", apparently, that it was imperative to be intellectual, culture and knowledge, in addition to their advantage and military competence.

  Top of limestone for the military commander Ahmose.

The Metropolitan Museum

 Although some acclaimed alleged ill-treatment of soldiers on the battlefield, and their persecution in Egypt, in the fact that the conditions of the military soldier, was very good and very prestigious, in particular about the level of officers.


Necklace fly granted top military commanders in ancient Egypt


Military when honored  Pharaoh "necklace fly" symbol of efficiency and valiant combat capability and courage that hunts by soldier chasing enemy hunt is followed through to the end, like a persistent fly importune. And also, the Pharaoh to the brave officers, arms gifts,Gold, part of the spoils of war, as well as some The Slaves, Generation after Generation of inheritance, and the son after the father; children, they inherit their parents Job officers in the service of the Pharaoh.


Thutmose III the great military commander. Granite countertops. Vienna Museum



Mock-up of wood for soldiers with armor and weapons. The Egyptian Museum

This appeared the military class, This is in addition to the land that they own, King give   of bread, meat, Wine. and the beginning of the era el Sawy, the preponderance in the Egyptian armies, mercenaries of the Greeks.


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